TKG at Dayclub Las Vegas Parties

August 26, 2016

TKG at Dayclub Las Vegas Parties

dayclubI know this sounds odd, or maybe, a little different. Most of the people that have shared their experiences on this page have talked about how they have been impressed by a TKG service, which they ordered. Well, I have never made an order from The Kess Group directly. However, I do have something to say about them, based on my experience living in Las Vegas.

I have lived over 25 years of my life in Vegas, and thus am an expert on what goes on here in Las Vegas. Although nightclubbing has never been my style, I have always enjoyed the fun and gallivanting that characterizes Las Vegas day clubs and social events. That is something I’m not willing to trade for anything less than a million dollars!

Like I said, I’ve never really enlisted Manny’s services before. This is not because I do not want to. The reason is simple. Being a local affords me several privileges, thus I do not need his services. That notwithstanding, I have witnessed on different occasions, more times than I can count, TKG’s extraordinary display of professionalism.

I hope you understand if I am not as detailed as you’d expect. I am limiting this to what I know first hand. Moreover, in consideration of space, I’ll just mention some remarkable occasions, where I saw TKG at work.

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The first is when we were at Encore Beach Club some time ago for a big get together party. We had some friends and delegates who travelled in from different states and needed to be catered to with professionalism. TKG was given the responsibility to manage their reservations.

TKG’s CEO, Manny, is a very thorough man. Our guests spoke of how they were well attended to at the party. Their entry, table services and everything was first rate. The TKG’s display of excellence and detailed attention was amazing. This was a gathering of VIPs, which meant that many of our guests were not new to VIP treatment. However, the amazing part was how TKG was able to handle their needs without muddling things up. This had happened with another host, some time ago.

In case you are thinking that TKG was able to pull off the diligent and top-notch services because they had some help from the organizers, you probably should read my next account.

Being on a friend’s guest list for his 30th Wedding Anniversary party, which was held at Marquee Day Club, every remnant of doubt that I may have had about the Kess Group prior to this time was removed. They impressed.

Most of the attendees were residents of Las Vegas, but James hired TKG to do the reservations anyway. James sent me an email reminder a few weeks before the event. We also talked about it (the anniversary) a couple of times afterwards. However, I was impressed to receive a call from TKG. They called a few days before the event in order to confirm whether I was still coming. They also wanted to find out my preferences.

I was a bit late for the party because I had other functions elsewhere. I did send a message to a staff at The Kess Group in order to inform him about the delay. I received a prompt response confirming the receipt of my message. Their message also stated that adjustments would be made to accommodate my late arrive. True to their words, the adjustments were made! The interesting part was that I didn’t spend a second at the entrance. This did not only apply to me. It applied to all of James’s guests, who had their reservations processed by TKG.

There was a long line of people, who either had not made reservations or had issues with their reservations. They all wanted to get into the venue, but had to wait in the line. While all of this took place, those of us, who had TKG as their host, rapidly entered the venue.

If you have ever been to a Las Vegas day club, then you probably know that it does crowded as the night progresses. Despite this, TKG still had everything in place for me, in spite of my late arrival. That was notable, considering the fact that most of the table and seats had been taken. Many folks had to stand because all the seats were either reserved or occupied. What got my attention was the fact that some empty seats were being sold again, yet mine was not!

We partied, danced, and laughed. We had a great time together at the club that day. I do not recall if there was anything at all, that we needed, which was within TKG’s ability to provide, that was not made available instantly. Their diligence was remarkable!

Additionally, I attended an event very recently. TKG was there, but not our host. We had an entirely different host who attended to our needs. It was regrettable! Not only did we have a hard time gaining entry into the club, but we also watched most of the nice things in the party pass us by. TKG’s guest easily got them, sometimes without even asking.

These are just two out of the several direct and indirect encounters, which I have had with TKG. While, I may not have paid for any of these services myself, the fact remains that the quality of service, that I have seen TKG offer, is amazing. I hear that the group’s founder, Manny Kess, is a very thorough and excellent man.

I’ll like to give the group a big thumb up for their unrelenting effort to continually offer unequaled services in the city. Many of us look out for TKG at clubs and parties. I have an acquaintance, who says that he doesn’t attend any club that wouldn’t allow TKG to be his host. Amazingly, I share his opinion too. TKG is strongly affiliated Las Vegas Day day clubs like Marquee Day Club, Encore Beach Club, Wet Republic as well as nightclubs like Hakkasan, Omnia, XS, and Marquee. I honestly do not see the need of being at a club that does not work in collaboration with an exceptional host, like Manny and his team.

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