Las Vegas Bachelor Party Planning Services

August 26, 2016

Las Vegas Bachelor Party Planning Services

bachelorpartyEver wondered why Las Vegas is also referred to as sin city? Well, there is more to it than what meets the ordinary eye. The city revolves around its twenty four hour casinos and other entertainment options. While you’ll spot several families wandering the city of Vegas, the city is still an adult’s playground, even during the day. Kiddies have Disney land, bachelors and bachelorettes have Vegas. Sin City was almost completely built for the man or woman about to say these words ‘’I do’’, but needs one last (crazy), time out with friends before they tie the knot. Beyond the obvious however, the bachelor or bachelorette looking for things to do in the sin city is spoilt for choice for a once in a life time experience. This boulevard is home to world class hotels and casino’s with magnificent displays such as fountains harmonized to music as well as copies of the Egyptian pyramid.

However, planning for a bachelor party in Las Vegas was an overwhelming task for us as we didn’t know where to begin or what club to go to amongst other fun things that we could do. We contacted the Kess group which was recommended by a friend to help in the planning of my bachelor party. There was almost no effort from me or my buddies as everything was perfectly handled by them. I signed up with the Kess group hoping to have a good time with my friends in Las Vegas, but I left with vastly more.

Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Organizer

The Kess group is an expert in planning and organizing a bachelor or a bachelorette party and transforms your Las Vegas fantasy into a lifetime experience. When we arrived at Vegas, we were taken to our hotel suite which is a world class hotel by all standards. We freshened up and got ready for our first outing with a table at the Encore Beach Club. Kess got us the very best table right near the DJ booth! The club is home to artists like David Guetta, Diplo, Alesso and Kaskade and it was named as Las Vegas Day club of the year by night club and bat top hundred. The club was filled with other bachelors and bachelorettes so it was mad fun for me and my buddies all thanks to the Kess group. He introduced us to David Guetta and I could tell that he has a friendly relationship with him from the way they talked.

Afterwards, we had quite a number of things to do. He organized a session with the team at Dream racing, where we were put in simulators, doing several laps before finally hitting the track. What a great experience. After racing a few laps, The agent from the Kess group organized a VIP limousine for me and my friends to cruise in. He made us reservations at a restaurant where we were treated with great delicacies ranging from sushi to juicy steaks and Italian food. The restaurant was sold out, but of course we were able to get the table of our choice when we all rolled in with only about a 5-10 minute wait. After dinner, we hit the Hakkasan night club, he took us straight into the club for the party without standing on the lines which would have lasted for two to three hours besides the fact that clubs seldom allows large group of males to get in. The table was great. Our service there was extra special with the hottest waitresses and top of the line bottle service. There was about 8 of us at the table but within minutes security was bringing us like 10 of the hottest girls I have ever seen and we chilled all night long. I never asked but I am pretty certain Kess Group had something to do with this.

Just when I thought it could not get any better, later that night, he introduced us to Enrique Iglesias who was just across our table. We in the VIP section of the club where we had a great table overlooking the club with bottle service. On that same night we were taken back to the Casino, where we were taught how to gamble. We played different games ranging from poker, roulette and blackjack. The Kess group agent took me and my buds in our limousine cruise straight to the Omnia night club where we had another table reserved for us. After having a fun filled day and night, we were taken back to our suite where we crashed like no man’s business.

Bachelor Party Planning Services of TKG

The following day ,which was only a few hours later, after we had breakfast, the agent from The Kess Group took me and my buds to the Wet Republic where we had loads of fun hanging by the pool. There happen to be a swim suite model competition with some of the hottest girls I have ever seen. Of course the Kess group is so hooked up there he made sure some of the contestant’s came over to our cabana and joined us for some drinks. Afterwards, we were taken to our hotel suite where we rested for some hours to put our bodies to rest from the insane fun we’ve been having since our arrival in Las Vegas courtesy of the Kess Group.

Later in the evening, we were treated to a light dinner after which we went to play a few more hands of blackjack in the Casino. I was fortunate to win some money but my friends were not so lucky. Then The Kess Group got us some really good seats to see the show O, a Circue de Sole show, that was Amazing! I must say I expected to have an average bachelor party, but the Kess group blew my mind and made my bachelor party a memorable one, one that would last me for a life time.

Their work in my bachelor party has made a significant change in my opinion about how a bachelor party should be enjoyed. My sincere gratitude goes to them for organizing a remarkable weekend and I’ll like to recommend them to other bachelors to have a great time like I did.

When it comes to planning a bachelor or a bachelorette’s party, there are loads of organizing agencies that talk a good game, but the Kess group makes it happen. They turn your Las Vegas dream into an unforgettable life time experience. They make the phrase what happens in Vegas; stays in Vegas have a meaning.

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