TKG and the Las Vegas NightClubs

August 26, 2016

TKG and the Las Vegas NightClubs

Las Vegas NightclubsMy trip to Vegas was a great one. I’d like to especially thank The Kess Group (TKG) for everything. They ensured that I had a memorable experience. I can confidently say that I was in the best clubs in Las Vegas. Being in the clubs made this trip a complete joy. Of course, it was expensive to plan my Las Vegas nightclub trip. However, that’s typical of planning anything in Sin City, particularly if you want to enjoy the prestige of being at the best nightclubs has to offer. Las Vegas clubs, particularly those on the strip, are known for being expensive and difficult to get into, due to their exclusivity.

Las Vegas is a world of its own, characterized by unmistakable displays of extravagant lifestyle. This lifestyle makes me wonder if the word “expensive” really exists in the city. These were the thoughts that went through my mind as I planned my first visit to Las Vegas.

We went to Las Vegas for a reunion of sorts. Most of us travelled to Vegas from different parts of the globe and had spent hours in transit. However, that didn’t really matter because our minds were preoccupied with images of the Vegas party atmosphere and the catch-ups we looked forward to.  We were brimming with enthusiasm, as we thought about the best Las Vegas strip night clubs. We relished in the idea of being together at Las Vegas night clubs. Life is beautiful with friends and loved ones. Many of us were friends from high school. Some had known each other long before high school. Just a few of us have been friends from college. So this was a very special occasion, which I personally looked forward to.

Like I mentioned earlier, I was concerned about the expense of joining in the fun, due to Las Vegas’s reputation for extravagance. This is not because I couldn’t handle the possible unplanned expenses that could come. Rather, my mind was focused on figuring out what an appropriate budget for the trip would be. I have a strong desire for quality. I am willing to pay for it.

Nightclub Las Vegas Memories

I remember receiving a call one afternoon. Our Las Vegas party was only two weeks away. The caller identified himself as Manny. He said that he was calling to confirm that I was a guest for the group party. He also asked me a few other questions about my preferences and my likes. I was a bit surprised at how detailed he was. Manny told me about the different private packages that were available. He even guided me through the choices. Manny helped me find the choice that matched my budget, quality demands, and preferences. I was so glad that he called. The professionalism with which he communicated instilled great confidence in me. Due to him, I knew in advance what clubs we would be hanging out, as well as all the possible extra expenses, which I could incur.

Upon our arrival in Las Vegas, TKG staff went everywhere to ensure everything proceeding perfectly seemlessly. From the pick up at the airport, to the restaurant, to the hotel and then to the party hall, everything went smoothly. They were flawlessly prompt, efficient and professional.

Best Clubs In Las Vegas

The Kess Group made a reservation at Wynn’s XS nightclub, one of the city’s most popular venues. It also happens to be one of the best Las Vegas strip night clubs. I had learned that most Las Vegas night clubs are such that you don’t want the partying to stop. The excitement that characterizes the best clubs in Vegas is simply inexplicable. This was our experience at XS.

The reservation was a complete package. It included an ‘elaborate’ bottle service. Besides the fact that TKG had gone ahead to reserve tables and seats in choice spots for us, the bottle service was an out-of-this-world VIP experience. This took concerns about unexpected costs out of my mind.

Upon arrival at XS, I was shocked by the long lines that stretched well beyond the door. There were also a number of folks, who were denied entry due to one reason or the other. The sad part was that some of them, I learned, had been in the line for some time. Well, that really was not a concern for us. Due to Manny’s expert preparation and connections, we were ushered right into the hall. All we needed to do was to present our Las Vegas Club passes, and into the hall we were! This was courtesy of The Kess Group.

XS’ architecture is mind blowing. As we drank and partied that night, I just couldn’t help but wonder if there are any other clubs that matched the magnificence of XS. I learned that the decorations, which are made of gold and other expensive materials, are worth over a hundred million USD. This epitomized the opulence of what the Vegas nightlife had in store for those that care to join in the fun.

The DJ kept blasting the music in a manner that kept everyone on the dance floor! We had a great time talking and catching up on old times.

There was a damn pretty waitress that was assigned to us the whole night. We didn’t need to wait for the services of the club’s overtasked waitresses, who already had too many people to serve. Our private waitress, kept refilling our glasses. She also did a great job watching over our tables whenever we stepped forward to move our bodies to the irresistible party jams and musical selections, that saturated the club, thanks to XS talented DJ.

We enjoyed unlimited access around the venue. We had the privilege of strolling to XS’ outdoor space, about 30,000 SQ feet. I found it as inviting as the inside of the club. There is little wonder why people kept pouring into the club. From what I saw, XS does a great job selling the club’s conveniences and party atmosphere to fans.

After strolling a little around the party hall, making new friends, and having all the fun XS could offer, we made our way back to our seats, where we had some more drinks, before heading back to our hotel rooms. We left Vegas the next day. However, before leaving, we took photos and had a mini-tour around the city, courtesy of Manny’s exclusive package for us.

I’d say we had a great reunion party in Vegas. I’ve visited Vegas a few more times after that trip. TKG is my host whenever I’m in the city. The reason is simple – they are professionals who and they understand the city!

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