My Most Exhilarating Las Vegas Night Life Ever!

August 26, 2016

My Most Exhilarating Las Vegas Night Life Ever!

nightlifeLet’s face it; The Kess Group rocks, especially when it comes to Las Vegas night life! The first time that I experienced Vegas at night was a few years ago. I came to the city on business. Our company had just opened a new branch in Las Vegas. I was assigned the responsibility of seeing how things were running. Although I was familiar with the wide array of Las Vegas night life and entertainment, my visit gave me the privilege of seeing things firsthand. This also happened to be my first encounter with Manny. He impressed me.

My most recent encounter with Manny was a couple of months ago. My friend, Tasha, turned 28 and wanted to have a huge party. We decided to have her birthday party in Vegas. I was the “events manager’ for the Las Vegas party. My responsibility was to help secure a good reservation  for everyone, and to help ensure that we had a great time. Thus, first on my to do list was finding the best way to enjoy the nightlife Las Vegas has to offer.

As friends, we club together frequently. We all were equally good clubbers. Therefore, I was not chosed for this assignment because I was a better clubber than any of my friends. Rather, I was selected because I happened to have travelled to Vegas a couple of times before the birthday party.

Memorable Las Vegas Nightlife Experience

My work frequently brings me to Las Vegas. Our MD is good at celebrating corporate successes in the fanciest of 21st-century styles. He likes to fly us to the Sin City for celebrations every time we made a landmark achievement. He is a complete strategist when it comes to celebrations. There has never been a time, which we went for such celebrations, that we didn’t have some planning and strategizing meetings in advance. These were geared towards achieving greater levels of fun on the trips. Yet, the enjoyable part of those trips, for me, has always been experiencing the city’s night life. The all night partying, DJ arts, celebrity events, liquor and atmosphere invigorate me. Las Vegas night life isn’t an experience that I ever want to pass up. I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame, particularly since Manny started handling our reservations. These occasional work-party trips to Vegas qualified me to help in the organization of Tasha’s birthday party. They also introduced me to Manny.

I remember the first time that we were serviced by The Kess Group. Our Director had previously mentioned his dissatisfaction with the services of a Vegas host, that was helping the company. This was the third host, which we used in five years. I remember the MD saying that one of his close associates had told him about an exceptional host company in Las Vegas, The Kess Group. He wanted us to give them a trial. Our company has since then continued to enlist their services every single time that we had a function in Vegas. They are experts in Las Vegas day and night scenes. Their understanding of all that the nightlife Las Vegas offers is unparalleled.

TKG Easy Sign Up Process

For Tasha’s party, signing up with TKG was pretty easy and straightforward. There were no ceremonies or detailed forms involved. I remember sending some emails and text messages to confirm our reservations. I made a few modifications as the day drew nearer, but that was all. There was not a single email or text message that didn’t get a prompt and complete response.

Nightlife Las Vegas Special Treats

As arranged, we had a pickup, courtesy of The Kess Group. We checked into our hotel rooms and were soon ready for the night. Manny had arranged for a limo to come pick us up at a prearranged time. It was late in the evening already. However, it was a beautiful night. Sometimes I’m tempted to say that Las Vegas is a lot more glamorous at night than during the day. The colorful lights everywhere give the streets, buildings and parties an irresistible ambience that characterizes the exotic nightlife Las Vegas offers after dark!

We soon arrived at Omnia, one of my favorite party venues. The line was crazy. Even the VIP lines seemed extremely long. However, none of that mattered to us. This is because an agent from TKG was already on standby to receive us and ensure that we didn’t waste time in any of those crazy long lines. Not only was our stylish entry completly in line with our VIP status, but we also had a special table reservation for our group. It included top of the line bottle service. We had a waitress, busser and security guard assigned to our crowd.

One of the most defining moments was when a special musical dedication was made for Tasha. The DJ also did some special music mixes for her. Those were very precious moments to everyone in our group. The music, dancing, partying and excitement at Omnia energized all and demonstrated that Las Vegas night life is the absolute best.

The night went on with lots of wine and drinks. There was almost nothing that had not been expertly taken care of by Manny and his team. We were comfortably in luxury all night long.

A Beautiful Scenic View of Las Vegas

With the permission of the hall administration, we wandered a little around Omnia. We found our way to its stunning rooftop garden. This offered a panoramic view of the Las Vegas night life. The view was breathtaking. That was the first time I had ever seen such an exhilarating sight! The night scenery was quite fascinating. We took a few photos there before making our way back to the expansive dance hall. Then we went to our private spot.

The party was a huge success. TKG had planned everything out for us to our exacting specifications. The limo came around to convey us back to the hotel as soon as we were ready to leave. It never ceases to amaze me how Las Vegas people party all night and all day. I guess that’s why it is called the city that never sleeps.

Back at the hotel, we had a pretty sound rest. We did our best to sleep away our hangovers. We attended a pool party the next day. Then we played some games before heading out of Vegas. We were happy with the experience and everyone raved about the Las Vegas nightlife the entire way home.

Now that I think about the trip; the beautiful Vegas night life, the partying and all the excitement were facilitated almost exclusively by Manny and his team. I give a well deserved thanks to Manny.

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