Las Vegas Party Planner to the Rescue

August 26, 2016

Las Vegas Party Planner to the Rescue

The winter break was coming up. Not only had my peers and I successfully completed university, but also we had launched our own successful business. With all the chaos of learning and developing our business plan, our families had been pushed to the side. There had been no time for extracurricular activities during the year. Now that summer was upon us, we wanted to go all out and celebrate in style.

We did not want the same old boring party scene that we enjoyed at home. We wanted to have a party to remember. During one of our brainstorming activities, Las Vegas was suggested by many in our group.  Las Vegas is a vibrant and exciting city, where you can party twenty-four hours, if you wish. If you do not want to party, there are some beautiful hotels, where you can have relax for a few hours, before heading back out on the town. Many people, who visit Vegas, have a special event in mind: wedding, anniversary, birthday party, promotion or demotion, or even a divorce. If an event can be celebrated, chances are there are millions of people who have come to Vegas to celebrate that type of an event.

The suggestion to go to Vegas was unanimous. We decided that we would take a trip to Las Vegas, book several tables for our party at several of the best clubs in Vegas, and have a great time!

How to Start Planning a Las Vegas Party

If you have ever worked with three partners, then you know that it can become chaotic. Each of us had our individual strengths. I was the accountant, so I would balance the budget for our big party. We agreed that I would invite everyone, which I could, so that we could have a great time.

However, when you get to party planning, everyone wanted to lend their own voice and opinions. We simply didn’t know where to start. I’d taken some time to call a few of the clubs in Vegas, but they weren’t interested in talking with me.  It seems much more difficult to coordinate things than I thought it would be.  Voicemail after voicemail went unreturned. I realized quickly that, to make this a memorable event, I would need some help. Discouraged, I wasn’t certain where to turn.

While I was sipping coffee one day, I remembered when I had been at an event at the Omnia last year. I had been talking to a guy. He’d told me that he was a Las Vegas party planner.

This was who I needed! I dumped out my business cards in my carousel and went searching for his card. There he was– Manny Kess of The Kess Group. I immediately gave him a call.

Best Las Vegas Party Planner

If you are going to hire a Las Vegas party planner, then you are going to want to hire the best. As it turns out, The Kess Group is one of the best, if not the best party planner. Manny was able to take my ideas, guest list, and budget, and custom craft an amazing party.

Who is the Kess Group?

The Kess Group is owned by Manny and Elena Kess. Manny has over twelve years in the food, beverage, and nightclub industries. Additionally, Elena has over fifteen years in the hospitality industry. Together, they’re the team, who is going to make your dreams a reality.

Manny is affiliated with many of the top clubs around Vegas. Some of the best ones for a Las Vegas party are the Hakkasan, Omnia, XS, and Marquee. He’ll help you to book entrance and services at one of these amazing clubs for your own special evening.

Did you know that you are not limited by nightclubs when you work with him? If you want to have a party during the day, then there are many other options to choose from, with Manny’s help. Some of these options include the Marquee Day Club, Encore Beach Club, and the Wet Republic. Some of the day club venues are perfect for pool parties too. Manny told me about a few of these. In the end, my business companions opted to go to a nightclub. We relied on TKG to help plan this.

TKG is your best party planner, as they are knowledgeable about the different Las Vegas party venues. Furthermore, they have the connections to “get you in” and to get the very best tables available for bottle services. Las Vegas clubs are hot. Therefore, you really need to know who to talk to in order to get reservations. You need to have the connections to receive a telephone call back. I experienced this problem first hand, when I had originally attempted to do all the party planning myself. However, TKG took all of my worries away. Soon our party was booked. I could then start sending out the invites.

Las Vegas Party Planning Services

The Kess Group is one of the best go-to sources for party planning services. Las Vegas is one of the top destinations for any day club or night club event that you desire. Fortunately, it is also the area of focus for TKG. TKG has all of the resources needed to make your special event the most memorable event ever for you and your guests.

Any event will be catered expertly by TK to meet your individual needs for the party, right down to a special venue, themed party decorations, champagne, wine, beer, and hard liquor, delicious catered food and beautiful cakes. A variety of musical or performance entertainment can also be arranged through TKG.


A Successful Las Vegas Party Event

Our party in Las Vegas went smoothly. All we had to do was hand out invitations, book our flights and hotel, and show up. We choose two of the best clubs, where we booked several of the tables with bottle service through TKG. We went to one club earlier in the night. Then we went to the  second nightclub later in the evening.

We had a fantastic table. It was located close to the entertainment. In addition, everyone treated us like gold, since we were booked by The Kess Group.

I feel confident in booking the TKG for our next big business event in Las Vegas. Not only was the TKG great to work with, but TKG also listened to what I needed, and did their best to ensure that all of my expectations were met.

If you’re planning on booking a club for table service for your special event, give TKG a call right now. Manny Kess rescued me. His services allowed us to have a fantastic party celebration.  I am so happy that we didn’t try to continue to do it ourselves. I highly recommend TKG.

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