Sweet Memories from a Recent Bachelorette Las Vegas Pool Party

August 26, 2016

Sweet Memories from a Recent Bachelorette Las Vegas Pool Party

dayclubNightclubs in Vegas are, of course, luxurious and filled with fun, but the pool party remains my favorite way to spend a day in Vegas. I doubt if there’s anything or anyone in the world that can change my passion for a great Las Vegas party at a pool.

I often come across locals in Vegas, who ask for my phone number. Sometimes they ask for my residential address. Many of them don’t seem to believe me when I tell them, “I don’t live in Vegas.” It is probably because I’m a frequent Las Vegas visitor, who gets into the best pool parties. This access, often restricted to locals and VIPs, is due to my choice of The Kess Group for all my party planning. Manny is my my go to Las Vegas party planner. The Kess Group’s exceptional VIP hosts, such as Manny, give me premier access to the best of the Las Vegas party scene. Manny has helped me more times than I can count.

Vegas is one of my favorite places in the world. There is nothing like a Las Vegas party to remind you that life really isn’t as complex as we sometimes think it is. A great Las Vegas Party planner can get you access to all Vegas has to offer. I visit the Sin City several times a year for three major reasons. The first reason is because it costs much less than other party locations. Thus, I don’t have to worry too much about travel and club expenses. As a girl, I often get into places free. I also tend to get free drinks. The second reason that I go to Las Vegas is because it’s close to where I live, Utah. The third, and probably the main reason, that I love Vegas is that Manny has a gift for making a huge success of the club parties and social events, which he hosts in Las Vegas. The Kess Group’s services and events are quite addictive. They treat their guests so well, that every guest wants to make Vegas their second home.

Memorable Las Vegas Pool Party

I am no exception. I love the party life in Vegas. Knowing that I can easily reach out to TKG to plan something at any time makes my life easy. I never worry about getting into a Las Vegas party; all I need to do is pick up the phone and call Manny.

He always knows the hottest pool parties at any given moment. The hottest pool parties in Vegas are always changing. It seems like the hottest parties change because people selectively choose the places with the newest features. Perhaps girls are a strong determinant too. Perhaps the hottest parties are just the locations with the hottest girls. Whatever the case is, for the time being, it appears the Encore Beach at Encore, which is connected to the Wynn Hotel, is one of hottest pool parties to go to and be seen at. It is most definitely the happening place for pool parties, right now.

Compared to Tao Beach, Encore is much larger.  It also feels a little more elegant than the Wet Republic. After all, it features exotic landscapes and abundant lovely palm trees. I think that I love the Marquee for pool parties too. The atmosphere there is different than the Encore, but it is so fly.

My most recent trip to Vegas was for a Bachelorette pool party. It was held at my favorite place, Encore Beach! I went with a group of eight girls. We were planning things at the last minute. Manny saved the day, as always!

One of the keys to having a great Las Vegas pool party experience is to arrive early. This allows you to avoid waiting in long lines. Las Vegas pool parties get even more crowded when the scheduled DJ happens to be a big name. With this in mind, we arrived in Las Vegas early. Unfortunately, we needed to visit a couple of places before the party. Plus, we wanted to have an exciting mini excursion around the city prior to the party, which TKG organized for us. Many of the girls were visiting Vegas for the first time, so they were especially impressed by the tour of the city. Unfortunately, due to this, the tour took longer than expected.

By the time we got back, we saw an annoyingly long line of people waiting to enter the club. For a split second, we thought that we had ruined the evening by staying out a little longer than planned. However, TKG saved the day! Being Manny’s guests not only gave us easy access to club entrance, it also made our tardiness a non-issue.

It appears as if The Kess Group is affiliated with Encore Beach Club, which happens to have contracts with some of the best electronic dance music DJs in Vegas. These DJs do an amazing  job electrifying the atmosphere of the party with beats that keep you dancing in the pool.

Manny definitely knows his way around the clubs. Not only was our entry into Encore a seamless one, he was able to get a completely comped table for us next to the DJ booth. It felt unbelievable. That singular gesture probably made this my best Vegas experience ever.

Our party at Encore Beach was fabulous. In addition to our pool experience, we were treated to the captivating runways through the pool. The dancing platforms that rain down water were quite a sight. We also had the opportunity to enjoy great music and a pretty awesome cabana, which TKG had reserved for us. I can not find a single fault in Manny’s bachelorette and bachelor party planning services.

Manny made our Las Vegas bachelorette pool party one that will not be forgotten for a very long time. Other than the fact that Encore is a perfect location, with beautiful surroundings, their staff provided first-class treatment. The attractive staff members and cocktail waitresses, who waited on us hand and foot, made this experience remarkable. I would like to give many thanks for the referrals, which The Kess Group provided for us.

We stayed in Vegas for a private nightclub party. Once again, TKG handled all of the logistics. Drinks kept finding their way into our glasses. The girls and I had a great time in Vegas due to Manny.

Manny’s approach to party planning is unique. With him, no two trips feel alike. This creative quality in him has endeared me to his services, particularly whenever I’ve have a big party to organize or attend in Vegas.

Thank you to Manny for a job well done.


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