My Favorite Las Vegas VIP Host Service

August 26, 2016

My Favorite Las Vegas VIP Host Service

vip-hostI am extremely grateful to the founder of The Kess Group, Manny Kess, for expertly coordinating my visit to Las Vegas and providing world-class Las VIP services. My friends raved about the Vega VIP services during the entire trip home. I am not a man of many words, but I firmly believe that The Kess Group deserves accolades, which is the reason I decided to offer this testimonial. We did not receive any discounts for The Kess Group services. However, we also did not receive discounted service. The quality of the Vegas VIP services exceeded all my expectations. In fact, the quality was so amazing that I began to wonder, at some points, whether or not we would be asked to pay extra fees for our Vegas VIP services. Our VIP host, Manny, went the extra mile. He made sure that everyone in the group was having fun and being entertained and catered to at all times.

I am very familiar with the VIP packages  has to offer, since my wife and I come to Las Vegas at least twice a year. We often come to enjoy Las Vegas VIP services during our annual leaves from work, and at Valentine. Needless to say, we have tried out an enormous number of  VIP hosts in the past. I consider myself an expert in virtually all the VIP packages businesses provide. Our absolute favorite Vegas VIP service is that provided by The Kess Group.  Manny is our absolute preferred host! He is prompt with all of his communications. His clarity in communication is virtually unparalleled. There was absolutely no time, when we felt like we were uncertain about what to do next. Manny was an ideal VIP host, who instantly got us on any Las Vegas guestlist that we desired. The most amazing part of his Vegas VIP services was how he expertly managed to instantly connect with everything that we discussed with him. It truly made me feel special. It was as if I was the only guest he serviced. This exclusivity is exactly what I look for in a Las Vegas VIP host.

During my trip to Las Vegas last summer, I was accompanied by my daughters. Their mother had suggested that the girls and I go to Las Vegas together to bond. She went with Kelly, our first son, the next summer. So, there I was in Las Vegas, determined to create a magical and fun memory for my daughters.

Prior arriving in Las Vegas, I had discussed my goals and plans with Manny over the phone. He assured me that he would provide an extraordinary once in a lifetime experience. Although this was the second time TKG was hosting us, I wondered how he could be so confident about what type of experience we would have. I had my concern, due to his convictions, but I made and paid for the Vegas VIP services anyway. I hoped that we would have the “extraordinary experience”, which he had promised. Well, it turns out that we did!

An Unforgettable VIP Reception

From the moment we arrived in Vegas, the Vegas VIP service began. There was an exquisite limo, reserved by The Kess Group, to pick us up and deliver us to our hotel, which was also coordinated by The Kess Group. We made quite an entry is this one of a kind limo! At the entrance of the hotel stood people, who were beautifully dressed and had our names inscribed on their tops, with welcome messages. My younger daughter was visibly stunned! Her elder sister, being a tomboy, simply smiled. However, the looks on her face revealed that she was also impressed. Once we arrived at our suite, we were amazed at how it was beautifully decorated. Not even the smallest detail escaped the decorator’s eye. The girls’ room was out of this world. It was as wonderful, if not more wonderful, than their room back home. My older daughter cracked when she saw the room. The most amazing part was that all these decorations were done within a very short time period. At that moment, every trace of doubt I had about Manny disappeared. I knew that we were going to have an awesome time in Vegas, with his Las Vegas VIP services.

After we had rested and had a nice meal, an SUV arrived to take us on a tour . There was an expert TKG guide with us, who not only told us all about the places that we passed and visited, but also facilitated our rapid and simple entry into elite locales, that typically had extensive and time consuming entry protocols and searches.

It was quite a luxurious adventure being shown around Las Vegas in the fully air conditioned vehicle. We completely enjoyed the opportunity to explore Southern Nevada. We visited the Savage Mine, Hoover Dam, and a few other fascinating sights within the area. It was so much fun. We also journeyed into the deep desert to experience unique places such as Lava Butte, Lizard Eye Ridge, and the Rainbow Gardens. We literally came face to face with the unspoiled beauty of Lake Mead. We finished off our tour at Joshua Tree National Park. This was an experience, which I had never had, that says a lot considering how frequently I go to Vegas. By the time we arrived back at the hotel, the day was almost over. It had been so much fun that the time passed quicker than I could ever imagine. Even today, we still flip through the photos, which we took at the places, that we visited, and relive the amazing moments.

Now Vegas is known for its food. It is difficult to impress me on the culinary front. Yet, the meals were absolutely delicious. Every course was delectable.

After dinner one evening we were ready for the movies. Our ride arrived on time, not a second late. We were off to the Cinema in record speed with our Las Vegas VIP host. It was a private movie screening, which did cost a bit, but was worth it. My girls enjoyed their favorite movie, Harry Porter, as we enjoyed popcorn and some light refreshments. The time with my daughters in this lovely theatre was priceless. After the movie, we returned back to our suite. Katy and Laura, my daughters, ranted about our Vegas VIP host, TKG, and how impressive their services were. The girls and I had barely been in Las Vegas for 16 hours, but could tell that much more fun awaited us the next day.

Thorough Assumptionless Las Vegas VIP Packages

Manny’s call woke me up the next morning at about 9am. We had been asleep for about 10 hours! I was taken aback. I was actually a bit frantic at first. We had an outing scheduled for 8:15 am. However, it was now 9:00 and we were still in bed. Nature had caught up with us; we needed that sleep. Manny had called to tell me that he was going through his Las Vegas guest list that morning and found out that we had not been serviced. He was concerned. He wondered why he hadn’t heard from us. I had barely explained what had happened before he assured me not worry. He guaranteed that he would reschedule our day, and that everything was going to work out perfectly. True to his word, everything was reorganized! We quickly got ready to go to the car racing and fireball games. As expected, our ride was waiting to pick us up.

I honestly believe that TKG has one of the most outstanding VIP packages Las Vegas offers. The special care that we received could only have been described as VIP. My daughters and I had a great time racing and splashing colors at each other during the fireball games. The experience was exhilarating. We also had the time of our life at a pool party, as we were enjoying music and drinks.

VIP Guestlist Treatments All the Way!

A limo came around to take us to Omnia where we clubbed and partied the night away. Our entry was VIP, without a doubt! We didn’t need to go through the queue or wait for any type of security check. We were easily recognized as being on the Las Vegas guestlist. The folks from The Kess Group didn’t just offer us exclusive Vegas VIP services; they served as an automatic clearance for us, even at places with very strict check-in rules. Furthermore, the placement of our table was perfect. The bottle service was out of this world! The girls and I were treated royally all night long.

We left the club in good time and had a sound rest at our gorgeous hotel. We were soon ready to return home, fully satisfied with our Vegas VIP services. There has not been a single person, who I have told about the exclusive Vegas VIP service which the TKG offered us, that wasn’t staggered by their efforts. Manny is a very thorough professional, and so is his team.

Kelly and his mom are already looking forward to their trip to Vegas. They are even considering making their trip sooner than expected. Thanks, Manny! Every penny spent in Vegas was worth it!

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