Best Bottle Service Las Vegas Has Ever Had- A True Story

August 26, 2016

Best Bottle Service Las Vegas Has Ever Had- A True Story


If you have ever visited Las Vegas, you know how crazy things can get. Something as simple as getting bottle service in Las Vegas can be akin to an epic quest, with options for bottle service disappearing fast. However, due to the The Kess Group, Craig and I had no trouble getting service during about two wedding anniversary trips to Vegas. We had so much fun on our tenth and twelfth anniversaries that my husband, who normally only favors and hugely celebrates the even numbered anniversaries, announced that he was making Las Vegas an annual celebration destination. I was awestruck that he decided to celebrate every anniversary in Vegas, not just the even numbered ones. I doubt this would have ever happened without the expert guidance and assistance from The Kess Group on our 10th and 12th anniversaries. I cannot wait to see what they can do to top this year’s bottle service in Las Vegas when we come back for our 13th anniversary.

Worth Visiting Bottle Service In Las Vegas

The Kess Group’s Manny is amazing! I was absolutely astonished by how he juggled multiple things at once, while keeping everything flawlessly organized. In addition to the very special VIP treatments we got, Manny’s team, The Kess Group, did an expert job making all our guests feel comfortable and pampered during their entire time at the Marquee and Hakkasan. Their bottle service is out of this world!

Now before I go into too much detail about the luxurious Las Vegas bottle service they provided, I will step back a bit to the beginning of our Las Vegas experience. Everyone in this fun city, that never rests, understands the difficulty of getting Las Vegas Bottle Service. Bottle service at the best clubs can be almost as elusive as finding a unicorn. VIP reservations are usually in high demand and at extraordinarily expensive prices. From what I observed, most reservations are based on pre-existing relationships with the club or party houses and thus an outsider can be excluded from bottle service in Las Vegas. Craig suggested that we get local help to organize our Las Vegas trips, and I trusted Craig’s instinct.

We chose The Kess Group. From what I learned, Manny Kess is strongly affiliated with many nightclubs, such as Hakkasan, Omnia, XS, and Marquee, among others. I was stunned by TKG’s ability to perfectly organize and keep all our plans on track for us even before our arrival. The group also seems to have an unmistakable presence at day clubs and cabana reservations like Encore Beach Club, Wet Republic, and Marquee.

Thank goodness, we enlisted Manny’s service. Not only did we get a perfect spot, we also had the most experienced waitress that attended to our every need all night. I was moved to tears. Tears of joy and excitement, of course!

Okay, I don’t want to get ahead of myself, sharing our Las Vegas experience, so I’ll just take it slow, and start with the table reservations and bottle service in Las Vegas. While these weren’t the only exclusive services that The Kess Group (TKG) offered, I think I was totally taken in by theses services, since they really suited our party, which makes talking about them very special to me.

Manny helped us plan a very robust itinerary that blew our minds. My first visit was a real eye-opener that made me understand why Vegas is often referred to as The Fun City. I didn’t want our guide to conclude the tour, I just wanted to visit more and more places.

It was quite a dramatic experience. I didn’t realize how much time we had spent driving around the city until we returned to our hotel room, and my husband drew my attention to the fact that we were already over about an hour late for a party. To be honest, I panicked. I had read stories of some very specific accounts of folks who had unpleasant experiences in Vegas parties because they either arrived late or their reservations went ‘sideways’ for one reason or the other. At that point, I didn’t feel like going again. Nevertheless, my dear husband is a sweet man; he did a great job persuading me to go to the party, despite being behind schedule.

On arrival at Hakkasan, I saw a long queue of people, who either arrived late or had one issue or the other, trying to get in. Again, my husband encouraged me to come along as we made our way to the queue. Then there was a miracle! A smartly dressed gentleman approached us from the rear to confirm our identities, after which he politely asked us to follow him. He was a TKG staff. To my utter amazement, we were ushered into the venue, undelayed, and there was our reservation, still intact! Not only was this a true VIP hosting experience, but it also saved me from the guilt of thinking that I had ruined the evening’s excitement by my insistence on extending our tour around Vegas.

Top of the Line Las Vegas Bottle Service

Manny Kess is a particularly detailed and extremely professional person. I think that there was any email or text message, which we sent him before our arrival in Vegas, which did not receive a prompt and comprehensive response. His communications are excellent and answered our ever question. Craig and I can be very picky most of the time, which often poses a serious hurdle to most people, but Manny was different. He was able to adapt to our complex needs and he walked us through every relevant detail he perceived mattered to us.

Not only did we have someone from TKG who was with us the whole time, from arrival to departure, the representative seemed to have been well briefed on our preferences, and made things happen for us immediately at every single moment of our trip.

Being an anniversary party, TKG reserved a perfect spot for our group. The tables, seats, and couches were all well-placed. All our drinks on the table were exactly like we had requested. There were absolutely no hiccups. There were abundant mixers. We had tonic water, cranberry juice, orange juice, pineapple juices, soft drinks, wine, and more. We lacked nothing. Table setting and sides were also kept in order and at our fingertips by the bus staff.

Even more impressive was the presence of the smartly dressed waitress that was specifically stationed to serve us the entire night. She seemed to understand the ‘more wine’, ‘more drink’ gestures easily, and she constantly refreshed our glass. In addition, she helped to keep watch over our table. We also had a professional, but highly intimidating and robust security guard, assigned to our section. He kept unwanted ‘visitors’ away from us.

Of course, TKG wasn’t the only VIP host at the party. I noticed a couple of other bottle service providers, who were also doing a good job with their guests. However, without a single doubt, I firmly believe that TKG is simply outstanding. They provide top of the line bottle service in Las Vegas. They were not just offering the services, which we had paid for, they went the extra mile. They seemed very passionate and professionally involved with their guests.

Thanks, Manny! You’ll hear from us whenever Craig and I plan our next Wedding Anniversaries celebrations in Las Vegas official.



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