Special Treats at TKG Las Vegas Reservations

August 26, 2016

Special Treats at TKG Las Vegas Reservations


As one who travels regularly, I need reservations every now and then. I was not very sure of what to expect in Las Vegas, since it was my first visit. I already was overwhelmed by the entertainment options available. I was well acquainted with the fact that I was visiting a metropolis, that has attracted several millions of visitors, so felt that I would not have time to do everything in my short trip.

I had read that Vegas boasts of having some of the best DJs, magicians, and celebrity chefs in the world. Furthermore, they have some of the most spectacular shows on earth. Yet, I still had my concerns about the trip, particularly about making Las Vegas reservations.

As weeks gradually turned into days, and days into hours and minutes, I desperately hoped that my assistant had made the right call with respect to my Las Vegas reservations. I remember the very first time that I read about The Kess Group (TKG). The article thrilled and made me quite excited about my upcoming trip. However, every time I thought about the other dignitaries that would be at the occasion, I would feel my heart skip. I feared the possible uncertainties and unpleasant surprises that could arise. This was not because I doubted TKG’s competency, but because I’ve had a handful of bad experiences with some reservation service providers.

My Las Vegas Experience with the Kess Group

Now, as I reflect on the days that preceded my visit to Las Vegas, I think that my early worries were absolutely unnecessary. The Kess Group (TKG) managed all of my Las Vegas reservations extraordinarily professionally. There were extremely efficient. From limo rides to hotel bookings, the Las Vegas reservations were managed with the utmost of care. TKG handled my Las Vegas table reservations quite well. They ensured that my team received impressive VIP dining experiences. The Kess Group even booked a show called “O” by Cirque Du Soleil for us. It was one of the most amazing experiences, which I have had in my life. Although, the thing that remains stuck in my mind is the exceptional and professional manner with which they got us into elite and highly coveted locales and shows. They even got us Las Vegas reservations for last-minute events, whose tickets were already well sold out.  I would definitely describe them as the best Las Vegas VIP host. They made my stay extremely spectacular.

Impeccable Las Vegas Table or Cabana Reservations Experience

From what I observed, TKG is one of the most recognized VIP hosts. The group is an authority, particularly in the Las Vegas table reservations business. In my opinion, their service is unlike any other on the Strip. They were dynamic in their approach. Furthermore, they offered me new and innovative ideas on how I could maximize my stay in Las Vegas. Manny Kess, the founder of the group, designed my visit around my needs and interests. It was not a cookie cutter Las Vegas reservations type service. He helped to ensure that my stay, albeit short, was an amazing one, which I would not soon forget.

My Las Vegas reservations were managed flawlessly! The Kess Group’s illustrious reputation and extensive connections paved the way for me to enter any club or show. There aren’t many efficient VIP hosts like TKG. Everything is confirmed and taken care of long before you arrive. You never have to worry about any unpleasant surprises, such as a Las Vegas reservation being canceled.

TKG at the Clubs

Unlike many host services, it appears TKG has strong ties with the various night and day club venues such as the Hakkasan, Omnia, XS and Marquee. They also have extraordinary access to Las Vegas cabana reservations at exquisite locales, such as the Marquee Day Club, Encore Beach Club, and the Wet Republic. These are only some of the day clubs and pool parties, which The Kess Group can help you with. The array of options they offered me for exclusive fun was thrilling. I also observed that they seem to handle more Las Vegas bottle service than any other independent company. So, when you do business with them, you are treated much better than if you did it on your own, or even with the club directly.

Outstanding VIP Treatment

I was the premier VIP at the nightclubs. I was catered to more than any other VIP in attendance. While other groups queued up in the huge VIP lines to get their reserved table, those of us with TKG were immediately guided through the club to our premium table. We never had to wait in any lines. One has to agree that this was a great start to an awesome night.  Table placement, as many know, means everything on such occasions. It’s key to how well you will enjoy your night and who you will meet. Our Las Vegas table reservations were all for the best-placed tables.

Being TKG special guest (all their clients are), I received first class reservation services at all of the places, which we visited. It was obvious that Manny and his team have an extensive network throughout Las Vegas. They provide virtually unmatched VIP access to the best night and day clubs.

I remember how we arrived late at the Wet Republic after a night of clubbing. We had barely slept. Considering how far behind schedule we were, I figured we had lost the cabana reservations. However, it was waiting for us when we arrived! It was the only empty cabana in the entire place!  I was surprised; I couldn’t believe that they didn’t resell it, since we were late. The fact that the club saved our Las Vegas cabana reservations illustrates the weight that The Kess Group pulls in Las Vegas.  In an instant, we went from being hungover and depressed, due to fear that we lost our cabana, to a feeling of happiness. We enjoyed one of the best pool parties, which I have ever experienced.

My friends still talk about that Vegas trip to this day. It was probably the most exciting club experience, that any of us have ever had of course, we only talk about the trip amongst ourselves.

Simplified Signup Procedures

A simplistic, but highly effective approach characterizes everything about TKG from first contact to the moment you leave Las Vegas. It all starts with a simple contract and deposit to secure your premium placement on the dates you request. There are no hidden fees and no unpleasant surprises when you arrive at Las Vegas.

TKG for Life!

Since my first visit to Las Vegas, I have been to Vegas on a few other occasions. I have not considered using any other VIP host for my Las Vegas reservation needs. I never will. On every trip, I’ve gotten far more than I paid for or expected from Manny, which is why I highly recommend The Kess Group’s services.


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